Russian for business or how to work effective using Russian language

Nowadays there is the necessity of linguistic proficiency for every person who wants to get more paid job, earn more money or become the best candidate for headman position. The benefits of being able to communicate with overseas people are huge: possibilities to do business with foreign partners, ability to travel abroad, to make friends from over the world.

So, what languages are most important for business?

Using a variety of criteria, including security and tourism but heavily weighted towards the needs of business, scientists defines the 10 most wide-spoken and important languages for the future. One of them is Russian. That’s why many firms are looking for effective language programs for their employees.
russian language for businessRussian language is not such simple as you may think. So it is important to feel comfortable when studying. There are many different grammar rules, punctuation nuances and stylistics in Russian.
Russian Business dialect will be very effective if you are planning:
- to speak Russian at high level;
- the workplace at the international arena;
- to team up your employees and the best way to do it is collective studying Russian;
- to introduce your employees to modern technologies and broaden their horizons and their mind;
- to share and build knowledge.


russian for businessHere are several advantages of collective learning language:
1. Build up vocabulary. Broaden horizons.

Vocabulary is the main issue in business area. Learning new Russian words, idioms and expressions can also enhance your vocabulary that are perfect for using in personal life.

2. Employees’ spirits will be improved.
The relations will be much better as the team work results. Also they can share their business knowledge with each other and become much friendly.
3. You can choose where your team is taking classes. It can be at your workplace or at the school.
4. The staff training program is carried out in accordance with their requests and schedule of employees. As a rule, classes take place in the evening after a working day. Some companies spend a few extra hours per week.
5. It requires the establishment of an environment of support, trust and co-operative learning can be nurtured.
6. An important advantage of such training is the expansion of the vocabulary, which is often used in the process of the company.

Many people learn language when at school. And they don’t use their knowledge after. So, the vocabulary is become lost, the writing and reading skills are forgotten and understanding level goes to zero.
For the company it can be one student group or several groups according to the level. We form groups up to 16 students in our business classes. Thanks to that Russian lessons gives more results because there are not low-performing students or others who are very good at it.

What do classes include?

• Small talks.
Students learn basic grammar, start talking small dialogs in Russian.
• Examine business-related material and listening to business programs.
Reading newspapers, magazines related to your field significantly build up your vocabulary. While listening you don’t just recognize new words and expressions but also learn the correct pronunciation.

• Debates and discussion. The students are divided into two teams and given the topic of the business sphere to discuss.
• Playing games allows you to build up your Russian vocabulary and makes education process interesting and a little fun.
• Practice
A lot of practice of new business words makes you more confident and more free to use it.
• Write business letters
Using an appropriate formal tone makes sure to understand that you convey the business information right.
Our Russian programs are divided into modules.

Each of them contains grammar part, speaking part and of course homework oriented at business sphere.

You can choose convenient time for your group to learn Russian: somebody prefers early time others prefer evening business lessons.
But there are several conditions.
First of all, the language classes should be at the regular basic and do their homework, because there will not be any results without self-guided work..
Second of all, students should wish to learn Russian language. It should be their own desire and interest.

What about results?

Just for the record, it is impossible to make students think and speak as native speakers in a short period of time.

russian language for companiesIt needs at least one year of permanent studying.

If your employees are familiar with Russian language and have some practice with speaking will be easier to overcome the fear of oral communication and the language barrier.

And they will be able to climb up the career ladder with ease.

If you are thinking about the future of your company and your office is in Moscow, we are proud to introduce you to our Russian school Capital School Center.

Who are we?

Обучение иностранным языкамCapital School Center is considered to have the most effective education method. Our programs integrated into SMART technology are approved and highly evaluated by our international partners.

This program allows students to immerse in the studying process at 100% from the very first lesson.

Knowledge of another language enriches us far beyond helping us get rich.
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