How to learn Russian online

While Russian is gaining more and more popularity among foreigners, not everyone can attend language classes in person. If you are not living in Russia or simply don’t have enough time to visit language school, learning it via Skype or other  apps and messengers can become a perfect solution.

Why do you need to know Russian?

Obviously a lot of people need Russian for different matters. Some of them would like to study in one of the best Russian universities, which are famous for the high-level education and lower price compared to schools in the United States of America or Europe.

Others need this language for carrier opportunities. It’s either working in Russia or just speaking with local partners in their language – in both cases Russian will be needed. Of course all people in business speak English but would really appreciate if their foreigner partners show some respect to their native language.

The last but not the least is that the language can help you to understand Russian culture and mentality better. As you might know, Russian culture is a rich and significant part of the world heritage. at The famous Russian writers and poets such as Pushkin, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky and others have been translated into many languages but it's always better to read them in the original to feel all the beauty of the language.

Besides, if you know Russian, you can easily communicate with local people and get to know the country better.

How Skype can help you to learn Russian?

learn russian language online

There are some people who believe that it’s easy to learn Russian as well as any other language on their own.
Today it’s not hard to find Russian textbooks, dictionaries, movies with subtitles online. But without a good teacher you would hardly succeed because Russian language is very difficult.
You can definitely use all the stuff you’ve found online but we assure you that professional tutor for learning Russian is a must.
No matter why you want to learn Russian with a teacher, there are two options to do so.

First one is quite obvious: you can find a proper school and attend classes there. Nowadays it’s not a hard job to find a place in almost every country of the World. But if you want to learn Russian better, you should consider learning it in Moscow or other cities of the country. But if you can not come to Russia or to spend enough time here learning, you still have second option – lessons via Skype.

Some people believe that this kind of lessons is not as effective as personal trainings. But this is not true. In that case everything depends on the teacher and the course itself. First of all, while taking classes by Skype, you will be learning the very same language with all grammar and vocabulary. All the time you will be communicating with the teacher who is going to explain you everything in the same manner he would do in regular classes. So you can be sure that in both cases your level on Russian knowledge will be just the same. This kind of lessons still consists of learning grammar, new words and practice both with the tutor. So as you can see the program is just the same. The only difference is whether you see your teacher in person or on the screen of your laptop.

smileMost of the Skype lessons are individual, but not group, only you and your teacher. This is the best solution for those who just have started to learn Russian.

Russian is not that easy because it’s very different from English, Spanish, French or any other language. It will take time before you understand grammar, pronunciation and remember some useful words. When you’re learning Russian with private teacher, you can easily stop at the most difficult topic, spend more time on it or ask more questions. When you’re doing it in a group, you can at least feel yourself uncomfortable because someone has already understood everything and is ready to go further.

You can study Russian online from any part of the World. You just need your laptop or even smartphone and Wi-Fi. 

If you are still planning to come to the country to study or work, learning Russian via Skype can help you a lot anyway. Start doing it at home and by the time you arrive here, you’ll be able to speak already. Of course afterwards your Russian will improve but it’s good to start earlier and learn Russian basics before you come.

Learn Russian with Capital School Center!

It’s not very hard to find a school where you can study Russian. Ask Google, and you’ll see how many options do you have. Capital School Center is one of them and we are not afraid to say that it’s one of the best. Why are we so sure about that? Let us explain!

Everybody knows that in order to gain success in learning Russian (and any other language) you need something more than motivation and your will. You need a good person to help you, who not only knows the material but also knows how to teach. All tutors, who are working in Capital School Center, are well educated and experienced. They are aware of all difficulties in Russian and can help you to overcome them. Besides, all our teachers are very friendly and outgoing. They will be happy to answer all your questions and explain the most difficult parts again.

Our school is famous for using innovative and unique method of studying every possible language. In all our courses, including Russian, we are using SMART-panels, boards, TVs and other techniques in order to engage tactile sensations, sight, hearing in study process. It helps you to master the language faster. Besides, it makes lessons really interesting. Unfortunately, not all these techniques can be used when you study via Skype but we do our best to include them as much as possible.

Обучение иностранным языкамOur program for those who are studying by Internet is very flexible. Before you start studying Russian, you can discuss with us your schedule and we’ll make the plan together. We will be happy to help you combine Russian courses with your regular work and private life so you won’t need to make any sacrifices. If you are planning to go on vacation, business trip or simply have some issues we can also reschedule your lessons.

Everything is possible when learning with us and we will do our best to make your Russian lessons as useful and effective as interesting and fun!
Come and learn Russian with us and you will start speaking very soon!
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