How to learn Russian language or the best decision to study Individual Russian or pros of Private Russian lessons

Nowadays speaking foreign language is a must. Economy develops very fast and because of it speaking international languages is very important and sometimes it is critical to do business. One of wide-spoken languages is Russian. If we are speaking about Russian language I want to worn you that it is hard.
But if you set a goal to nail it our teachers can help you!

Are these lessons really useful?

французский онлайнHere are some pros of private Russian classes:

• One-on-one setting work isn't just for introverts. Many people feel uneasy, or even ashamed to take lessons with classmates.
• If you want to focus on your problems, improve your reading, writing and speaking skills.

If you want to learn Russian language, but have busy lifestyle and can’t attend school classes of Russian in time, individual learning program in this language is perfect for you.

private russian languageYour Russian teacher develops a personalized learning plan specifically designed to meet your objectives and timeframe.
• It can be your choice if you don’t like big groups and prefer maximum teacher’s attention and individual feedback.
• If you like to chat a lot, individual class of Russian can be perfect for you. You will learn to cope with your chatty nature, make you keep calm and more attentive.
• You get many opportunities to practice your vocabulary. If you study by yourself you cannot get fluent pronunciation because Russian is very tricky. Russian punctuation is too hard to go into it without teacher’s help. Also you don’t have to wait on other people and get bored in class.
• If you are going to the travel abroad a teacher will teach you how to communicate with people in the streets, or how to make an order at the restaurant, or how to ask the right direction. There are key vocabulary and phrases for survival in Russia that a teacher shares with you.
individual RussianIf you are going to the business trip, a teacher explains what words and expressions in Russian language you should use with your business partners. You also learn industry-related vocabulary, practice interviewing and so on.
• Unlike regular classes, it is a prime opportunity to customize the class to exactly what the student needs and how they learn.

Who are we?

Capital School Center is an innovative center that was highly approved by our international partners. Our unique method of teaching Russian language contains SMART board using and allows students to immerse in the education process from the first class.
We are located in the center of Moscow, so you can call us to sign up for the first free class.
Our Russian language courses allow you to study with comfort in a private setting.

Our Russian teachers will develop a private tailored study plan of Russian that suits your objectives of learning the language.
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